07 Honda Fit Hatch Removal For Hail Repair 

07 Honda Fit Hatch Removal For Hail Repair 

Removing the hatch might sound easy but upon further inspection you will notice there are some pitfalls.

For instance where the quick disconnect is.  It is located on the left quarter panel.  There is a small access hole enough for you to disconnect it and tie some kind of a fishing string to it so that you can get it back through.  I used a rope.

4 x 12mm hatch bolts.

Once the wires are pulled through in the structure of your ready to remove the 4 bolts holding the hat on.

You may be wondering if you can do this without pulling the headliner down but it is high risk on your headliner.  And it’s far better to r&i the headliner at than to risk creasing  it badly. 

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