2015 Ford Escape 3rd brake light removal

2015 Ford Escape 3rd brake light removal

If you’re thinking of replacing the third brake light on the hatch of a 2015 Ford Escape you will need a long wide paddle tool and a rounded pick tool.

The trick is to try to get it to Pivot out of the glass. The glass on the rear there will be your worst enemy when trying to remove this properly.

The light is held on by three push clips that are a pain to come out. 

Basically Beast 3 brackets  push and plays by simply pressing in .  Now coming out that’s a different story but essentially the same way .

Try to put even pressure on the whole bottom part the part that is facing  to the window.

Once you get half of it to pop out at an angle put some pressure on the top of the light pushing downward while pulling out.

Be careful not to put too much pressure on one particular area as you will break the light.

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