Author - krisdoce

07 Honda Fit Hatch Removal For Hail Repair 

Removing the hatch might sound easy but upon further inspection you will notice there are some pitfalls. For instance where the quick disconnect is.  It is located on the left quarter panel.  There is a small access hole enough for you to disconnect it and tie some kind of a fishing string to it so that you can get it back through.  I used a rope. 4 x 12mm hatch bolts. Once the wires are pulled through in the structure of your [...]

Lexus CT200H 2013 Belt Molding & Scalp Replacement 

Replacing for belt moldings and three scalp sash mouldings. In order to remove the top moldings on the door you must drill out the rivets. Use a rivet drill or a small hole drill to carefully drill them out. Once you finish drilling the heads off, use a straight pick tool to hammer the nubs in. Carefully pull off corner piece from the door on the inside, then use a tool to push in the white and blue clips to release the [...]

2016 Chevy Equinox hatch removal for hail repair

In order to remove the hatch you must first remove the spoiler. Screws and bolts but also 6 tabs that you have reach up and pry. May seem easy at first but when you remove those bolts and you got the love tabs left, you’ll realize why it’s difficult. You must have clip removal tool that’s at least a foot-and-a-half long to get the right leverage. There are two quick disconnects on the hatch itself.  Remove the plastic trim and disconnec. A hail [...]

2015 Ford Escape 3rd brake light removal

If you’re thinking of replacing the third brake light on the hatch of a 2015 Ford Escape you will need a long wide paddle tool and a rounded pick tool. The trick is to try to get it to Pivot out of the glass. The glass on the rear there will be your worst enemy when trying to remove this properly. The light is held on by three push clips that are a pain to come out.  Basically Beast 3 brackets  push [...]