Some facts about Auto Hail Repair

Some facts about Auto Hail Repair

Some facts about Auto Hail Repair

Who invented PDR? ~ 


It is hard to say for sure, but most believe that Oskar Flaig invented PDR in 1960. He worked with Mercedes Benz repairing cars by buffing and fixing dents in cars that had been worn by customers getting a feel for them. One day he happened to push out a dent from the other side using a hammer! Eventually, and after much practice and time, it evolved into an industry saving car owners millions on fixing their cars. He is pictured above showing what he can do. 

Speed??  ~

car hail repair near me hail damage on roof of car

PDR is considerably faster than regular auto body repair, in that, depending on the size of the dent and how many there are, it could even be done in the SAME day. The extreme in PDR is it taking longer than 3 days, crazy right?


The quality of the work done to your car will obviously always depend upon the shop you choose to go with (make sure to read those reviews!) but with PDR it also depends a ton on the technician. With PDR you can walk away with your car looking exactly as it did before, and you don’t have to worry about the painters doing a spotty job, or the parts being damaged in other ways, really the only thing you do need to worry about is the technician. 

Comparison ~ 

auto hail repair auto hail repair

What is the difference between PDR and auto body shop fixes” I am commonly asked, well the biggest difference is if you go with PDR you get to save your original paint, your original parts your resale value will almost equal what you bought it for because of both the reasons listed above.

Saving Original Paint ~

PDR is the best source into finding the right company to repair your car, that will save your original paint, which is exactly what you want for your vehicle because it saves the value and you end up with a finished product that looks exactly the same as when you bought it, compared to replacing a part (so not PDR` it) and having it painted to look the same but there is much more room for error when done like that for many different reasons.

Saving Original Parts ~ 

Saving original parts is one of the best things to do for your car (if they are savable), because it helps keep it’s value. Getting aftermarket parts (or non-original “OEM”) could subject you to losing the warranty, the quality varies a ton, and most of the time they do not come with a warranty because the whole point of aftermarket parts is to cut the cost when purchasing. Going with OEM parts will assure you get the quality you like to see, and save the value if you were to sell. So make sure your repair facility can do whichever you end up choosing.

Value ~ 

hail damage repair shops

I’ll give you some examples here of how PDR protects the value of your vehicle; Number 1, paintless dent repairs (PRD) are not reported to Carfax. Number 2, you obviously won’t get the same trade in value for it if it is dented. Number 3, If you do trade in, you will have people scoping your car to look for any repainting or aftermarket parts and if they do find those, they will not give you the Kelly Blue Book price, which you could've recieved if you had PDR' it. Number 4, it will help you maintain the factory finish look, which is why you bought it in the first place, right? Paintless dent repair keeps your cost looking right!

Paintless Dent Repair Cost ~

paintless dent repair cost minor hail damage car

There are a few main factors when looking at the cost, like, where the dent is (on a flat or curved surface) how large and deep it is, how many there are on each panel and the type of car, or if the paint was chipped from the hail. As a rule of thumb, the price ranges from $75-$15,000.

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