Hail Damage Repair Process

Auto Hail Repair Process!

When you get hit with hail the first thing that you will want to do is contact your insurance company and tell them about the incident.  They will want to know where and when it happened.  Once you tell them and they go through the prompts they will give you a claim number and depending on the insurance company they will want you to go in and get it looked at or they will schedule a field inspection.

The second thing that you will want to do tell the insurance company that you will want a rental car.  If you have rental coverage they will give you a rental reference ID that you will then use to make your reservation with their preferred company.

This step is harder than it seams.  Not only are you going to have a hard time finding a good body shop but you are more than likely find it hard to schedule your vehicle for repairs.  Many areas that were affected with hail have a long waiting list.  The body shop does not have in-house paintless dent repair technicians (which is the way they repair hail) So it is more than likely going to be sublet out to another company for repairs.  So no only are you waiting on them but you will also be waiting and hoping the hail guys are on time and good.

Look for a good body shop with good PDR techs and get credentials for the sub let company that will be doing your repairs.

Dropping your vehicle should be easy but it seldom is.  You will need to work it out with your schedule and usually takes about 2-3 hours.  You will need to get picked up by the rental company, fill out paper work and then head into the body shop to do the same thing.

Once your vehicle is dropped off at the repair company then there will be a job called remove and install performed on your vehicle.  Many times the body shops have teams of R&I guys made up of young guys that work for an hourly wage that remove your headliner and any other part that is in the way of the dents.  Our shop however uses seasoned pros to do this job.  These pros are just as good as the best of the best because we take this step very seriously.

Once the vehicle has been taken apart an there is access to the back of the metal.  The PDR tech gets started with his/her magic.  This is a tedious process and can take 3-30 minutes for every single dent.  Some dents take longer depending on the severity of the hail.

All the kings men and all the kings horses couldn’t put the vehicle back together again.  Remember I said that we take this step very serious?  Well this is why.  If the technicians that took the vehicle apart are not well experienced then the vehicle will never go back together like it came apart.  Lucky we use only the best professionals for all our work and this job comes out perfect just like our paintless dent repair.

Once you get  the word that your vehicle is done, then you have to return the vehicle.  If you use a company like ours you can simply come get your vehicle and we will arrange for the rental to be returned for you.

Make sure to fully inspect the vehicle.  Look at the hood and deck lid,  Make sure they are lined up.  Tug on headlights and tail lights.  Make sure that all the parts that were damaged are repaired or replaced.  Look inside the vehicle and make sure your headliner is snug and back where it should be.  Park the vehicle under some shade and use the reflection of the tree or other shade to see any imperfections in your paint and be sure that all dents were removed.

This part really sucks!

You get hit with hail.

It wasn’t your fault.

You get super inconvenience!

And on top of that you to pay money!!!

Well lucky for you, we can help you with that.  We have what we call a Deductible Reduction Program that can reduce your obligation to pay to 0$.

Call us and find out how.