What bad paintless dent repair looks like!

What does bad PDR look like? Bad paintless dent repair is more common than good paintless dent repair here is an example of what a common bad PDR looks like. , some damage that was previously repaired by a bad paintless dent repair artist is completely unfixable. Our technicians are some of the best in the world and even they can’t repair the damage as good as it should be. If it can be re-repaired than our guys are the ones to attempt it [...]

Colorado’s Best Eco Auto Body Hail Repair Segment

Colorado’s Best! What if the damage is from an Old Storm? (Kristos) Time frame:  Limitations, Generally you have up to 3 years Going from repairable to Totaled- Metal does do as good with two storms – over stretched metal -Gap coverage -Take care of the problems while they are recent Settled Out: Even if you settled out with the insurance company and didn’t fix it you may be entitled to more repair money. They often times don’t do it under proper lighting [...]

2002 Toyota Highlander hail repair

Here we have Steven doing a hood to a 2002 Toyota Highlander. This vehicle was damaged by hail and we were able to save it from totaling by doing some good old-fashioned hard work for the customer on a small favor basis. The damage was about $500 more than her insurance company would pay so we covered the rest and took care of the vehicle. Here Steven is doing the last dance on the hood of a heavily damaged Highlander Toyota. Had [...]

How to make the best massaman curry in the world!

You are about to see a tutorial on how to make the best massaman curry in the world! I have gathered the top top recipes from around the world and will begin to share them on my page. We start off by providing a recipe for the best massaman Curry around.   First you start off by getting a whole organic chicken.  You cut off the Prime Meats such as legs breasts Etc and keep it on the side for later.  You [...]

07 Honda Fit Hatch Removal For Hail Repair 

Removing the hatch might sound easy but upon further inspection you will notice there are some pitfalls. For instance where the quick disconnect is.  It is located on the left quarter panel.  There is a small access hole enough for you to disconnect it and tie some kind of a fishing string to it so that you can get it back through.  I used a rope. 4 x 12mm hatch bolts. Once the wires are pulled through in the structure of your [...]