Frequently Asked Questions

We strive to have all your frequently asked questions answered but if for some reason we missed something about the process or hail repair, please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Hail Repair Related FAQ

We do not own any expensive facilities or expensive employees.  Instead we pride ourselves in having the largest partner community in the business.  We use only eco friendly parts providers and we don't up sell our customers.  We use the "if it isn't broken, then don't fix it" policy.  Meaning we save countless of labor hours and materials instead of making an extra dollar.  We do all the prep work, body work and paintless dent repair and hire out for the rest.
Many of these companies have high overheads and processing customers is one of their most costly expenses.  Much of your repair is administrative work and managing.  If we can eliminate the costly bureaucratic processes then the result will be more time effective but more importantly, eco friendly.

NO – Hail is covered under your comprehensive insurance and considered an act of nature so it will not raise your premiums.

NO – Paintless dent repair is the preferred method of by all professionals repair because it will not harm your factory paint or finish.
NOT LONG – Compared to conventional repairs, paintless dent repair takes about 1/3 of the time it takes a body shop to finish the same repairs.
It is far better for us to meet with the adjuster for many factors.  If we have the car in our care - we will use special lights to make sure the adjuster does not miss anything.  We need to get it done first off instead of having to do what's called a supplement, and this can take up to a week.  So the day before the adjuster is set to see the car, we get you in a car rental and have the vehicle at our shop.
YES – Any type of hail damage can be repaired by PDR accept if the paint is cracked then there will have to be a combination repair done that will involve some conventional repair but a combo repair is far superior to a strictly conventional repair.