Frequently Asked Questions

We strive to have all your frequently asked questions answered but if for some reason we missed something about the process or hail repair, please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Hail Repair Related FAQ

We do not own any expensive facilities or expensive employees.  Instead we pride ourselves in having the largest partner community in the business.  We use only eco friendly parts providers and we don’t up sell our customers.  We use the “if it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it” policy.  Meaning we save countless of labor hours and materials instead of making an extra dollar.  We do all the prep work, body work and paintless dent repair and hire out for the rest.

Many of these companies have high overheads and processing customers is one of their most costly expenses.  Much of your repair is administrative work and managing.  If we can eliminate the costly bureaucratic processes then the result will be more time effective but more importantly, eco friendly.

We get to the bottom/back of the dent and push with various types of steel rods.  Essentially re-sculpting the metal back to it’s original shape.

No. Your insurance premiums will not go up in any way.  This is covered under your comprehensive insurance and  is considered an act of god so you are good to go.

If the insurance company cut you a check it is probably substantially less than what the cost of repair will be.  They want to keep things as standardized as possible as they have a bottom line to worry about.  In the event they cut you a check, don’t cash it but instead bring it in with the original estimate and we will tell you if it’s sufficient enough to afford a full 100% repair.

It is far better for us to meet with the adjuster for many factors.  If we have the car in our care – we will use special lights to make sure the adjuster does not miss anything.  We need to get it done first off instead of having to do what’s called a supplement, and this can take up to a week.  So the day before the adjuster is set to see the car, we get you in a car rental and have the vehicle at our shop.

Paintless dent repair is a type of auto body repair that requires no paint, bondo, sanding or harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures.  It is the preferred method of repair for any insurance company when it comes to hail damage or dents where the paint or finish was not disturbed.  The PDR technician gets behind the metal and meticulously re-sculpts the metal back to its original shape.  The result is the best possible repair for your car.

By law your are not required to get any estimates from anyone.  This is a common misconception that is completely false.  Colorado Motorist Bill Of Rights states you do not have to get but a single estimate and you choose your facility and have them take care of the rest.