Haste Makes Waste

Haste Makes Waste

I see so much waste in the auto body world due to the maximization of profit.  Many times a customer will come in to a shop with a small issue and it is blown out of proportion and it causes much waste in our environment.  The economic impact of haste for profit in the car industry is much less compared to the ecological impact.  When a customer comes in because he hears a rattle somewhere in his tire and the body shop finds out it’s that a few clips came loose; the common practice is to replace the whole piece instead of ordering the clips.  Many times the body shop will have those clips on hand but is unwilling to repair the problem at a lower cost.  Instead the haste for profit forces the customer to pay over $100 for any minor repair.  I envision a better solution for these problems.  I know there are many factors in repairing different types of body problems in a car but many times people are after the more practical solution and not the solution that will make the most profit.

Profit is getting in the way of our ECO friendly views.  Let me explain how a simple problem brakes down to the full Eco impact.

First: The piece being replaced must be discarded and is very seldom ever recycled.

Second: The body shop must take the time to call the piece to be delivered (at least 20 mins man time)

Third:  The parts department receiving the call must use a computer to track the part down, order it, and arrange it for delivery. (20 mins man time)

Fourth: The delivery driver must get the part from the parts department, load it up, and drive it to the body shop. (gas, time)

Fifth The body shop has to take the time to receive it. (5 mins)

sixth: The body shop arranges with his technician a time to make the replacement.

seventh: The technician finally removes the unbroken part and replaces it with the new one and fastens all the clips.

eight:  The body shop calls the customer and arranges for pick up.

ninth:  The customer comes pays for the part at the register

tenth:  The customer finally gets to pick up his car.

This 10 step process is a major waste of time/money and is the old way of doing business for sake of profit.  All in all, it wastes over 10 hours of human time, and cost of the part, and the waste of the perfectly good original part.

The new way of doing business in an eco friendly body shop would be as follows.

First: The body shop receives the car

Second:  The problem is identified

Third:  The problem is relayed to the customer and the customer is given a choice of how to go about the repair.  If the customer decides he just wants some new clips – it is done right there on the spot.

Fourth:  The customer pays $2 per clip.  Pays a little to the body shop for identifying the problem and is on his way in less than an hour.

That is how we would like to conduct ourselves in this new model of body shop repairs.  We don’t plan to maximize profits but instead lower the ECO impact in every way possible.  We plan to build life long relationships with our customers and bite the bullet and avoid short term profits to maximize long term relationships.

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