Lexus CT200H 2013 Belt Molding & Scalp Replacement 

Lexus CT200H 2013 Belt Molding & Scalp Replacement 

Replacing for belt moldings and three scalp sash mouldings.

In order to remove the top moldings on the door you must drill out the rivets. Use a rivet drill or a small hole drill to carefully drill them out.

Once you finish drilling the heads off, use a straight pick tool to hammer the nubs in.

Carefully pull off corner piece from the door on the inside, then use a tool to push in the white and blue clips to release the outside corner piece.

For the belt moldings, there are push tabs holding the corners.  Release the tabs by using a plastic pry tool and a rounded pick tool.  Once released pull up and out.

Press up with your thumbs and pull back with your fingers.  Then pull up and the front belt moldings should come off with ease.

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