Meet Our Team


Lead Technician

One of the best of the best in the industry.  There is no one with more diligence and patience to get a sever dent done right.  He will save panels that would normally have to be replaced on a daily basis.  If there was a super hero for the vehicles of the world then Steven would be as well known as superman.


Office Managert

Well organized and motivated individual with one goal in mind when she comes into the shop:  That's get things done!  Very organized and well mannered individual that keeps her cool even when things get crazy.  Loving mother of 5 and pleasure to work with on a yearly basis.


Legendary Paintless Dent Repair

The myth, the legend Billy is here and dedicated to working on our team.  He's well known in the paintless dent repair industry as being the fastest technician in the world.  He can fix severely damaged hail cars in absolutely no time.  He cares about his peers and cares about doing a 100% job on every single dent that he pushes.