R&I 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Door and Window Removal

R&I 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Door and Window Removal

These Grand Cherokee doors have severe hail damage.

The proper repair would call for removing the door so the paintless dent repair technician can gain proper access to each individual dent. Unfortunately most out there will leave the door on getting a lesser quality result.

We do not cut corners

Gutting  the doors provides proper access to the hail dents.

Putting the door on the stand provides an easy way to maneuver 360 degrees around the dents.

Each door takes about two hours to remove and about two and a half to reinstall.

In the end it should have been a lot easier than it was. What a pain!

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  • Dave Reply

    Yes its very easy compared to the approach we used. If you remove the window first it makes a big difference and you can get to your hail repair sooner

    September 8, 2016 at 4:08 pm

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