The Hail Repair Process

Our Hail Repair Process

The Hail Repair Process

We have created a very streamlined process when it comes to repairing your car’s hail damage.  After insurance approval we can have your car ready in as little as 5 days.  We pride ourselves in quality work and work around the clock to make sure you car hail gets fixed in a timely manner.

Hail Insurance Claim - Dent Removal

Step 1:

Call your insurance and start a claim.  They will ask you where you were when the hail damage occurred and approximately what time.  Starting an insurance claim on your hail damage will not go against you as it is considered an act of god and is covered under your comprehensive policy.   Once you start the claim you will be given a claim number so be ready to write the claim number down for future reference.  They will want to set up a time for you to come in and get an initial estimate.  At this point you have a choice to face the insurance company alone or just bring us the car and we will go over the vehicle with the insurance company to make sure nothing is missed or omitted.

Step 2: Bring Us Your Hail Damaged Vehicle

Step 2:

Once you have your claim number from the insurance company you can bring us your car.  You don’t have to wait till they come inspect it and nor do you have to take it anywhere for them to inspect it.  You can simply bring it to us and we will handle the rest.  It’s far better for us to have the vehicle and fully inspect it before the insurance company does, as this will save a whole step.  By bringing it to us we will make sure to fully inspect the vehicle and assure that we get what is needed for a proper repair the first time the insurance company goes over the car.  They tend to miss stuff and write estimates very low when there is no repair facility involved in hopes you just keep the money and don’t get your hail repaired.

Bring us your hail damaged vehicle for inspection and repair

Step: 2.2

When you call the insurance company and get your claim number they will try to set up a time for you to bring your vehicle in for inspection.  In some cases they will offer to come to your house.  This is called a FIELD ESTIMATE.  They are trained to omit things and it’s far better to bring us your car so that we can fully inspect the vehicle with our special lights.  We will meet with the insurance company for you and walk the car with them to insure a proper estimate and make sure nothing is missed and you get a full repair on your vehicle.

We schedule inspection with the insurance company.

Step: 3

Having someone that is working for you is very important when it comes to getting your car inspected.  We work for you and not the insurance company.  When we get your car, we will schedule an inspection with the insurance company.  In the mean time we will fully inspect the vehicle with special lights and include anything and everything that your car needs to be back to how it was before the hail storm.  It’s far better for the car to be in our facility at this time as it will mean that had enough time to properly inspect the vehicle.

We repair your hail damaged car

Step: 4

Once the insurance company approves the estimate, and agrees to our demands we start on your vehicles repairs.   We keep you informed every step of the process and make sure you are in the loop on every detail during the repair process.  The repair process can take as little as 4 days depending on severity of the hail dents.  Once we finish repairs we then clean, wash and detail your car from inside out.