Examples Of Bad PDR

Bad PDR is bad for your car

Examples Of Bad PDR

PDR is not created equal.  Paintless dent repair is an art that is not created equal.  No dent repair technician repairs dents exactly the same.  Some are good, some are great, and some downright stink at doing the work.  There are many things that can go wrong with a paintless dent repair job that involves the whole car.

In this particular case, we got a car that was fresh from the dealership that had been hailed on.  The customer brought the car to us for repairs.  He had just bought it, from the dealership a few months before getting hailed on.  He brought it to us thinking it was going to be a simple hail repair but what we noticed was a horrendous job had been previously done on the car.   A pathetic excuse for a PDR technician had simply massacred the car.  There is broken paint all over the car.  Rust marks and paint peeling, all from the result of a bad PDR job.

This quarter panel was drilled 3 times to remove a single dent.  The paint was broken and rust started to form in less than 2 years.

Over 7 holes were drilled to fix this door.  Normally a technician will drill mall holes that are barely noticeable to repair really bad hail repair but in this case there was a very bad lack of experience, so the technician or (hack) drilled away and still managed to break the paint on almost every single dent repair.

Just do your re-search and hire only local reputable paintless dent repair companies.

Bad paintless dent repair

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