What bad paintless dent repair looks like!

What bad paintless dent repair looks like!

What does bad PDR look like?

Bad paintless dent repair is more common than good paintless dent repair here is an example of what a common bad PDR looks like.


some damage that was previously repaired by a bad paintless dent repair artist is completely unfixable.

Our technicians are some of the best in the world and even they can’t repair the damage as good as it should be.

If it can be re-repaired than our guys are the ones to attempt it as it could become even worse than the original mistake.
This particular vehicles hood is now very close to the point of having to be replaced and obviously re-painted.  The particular customer really can’t afford that so what we are doing is repairing it as best as possible and then sealing the clear coat to prevent further damage to the paint.

The paint on this particular example was compromised beyond repair as there are microscopic and also obvious cracks in the paint.  Good PDR should be undetectable and even with a microscope there will be absolutely no compromise to the paint.

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